11 Things Cowboy Boots Say About a Man

By Kato Watson, 07 Sep 2020
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What type of cowboy boot lover are you? Do you love them with a buckle on the side or not? With a low or high shaft? With a pointed or squared toe box? Plain or with a printed pattern?

Listen, no matter the type of cowboy boots that you love, we can all agree that these boots are a unique American contribution to the shoe industry.

Of all the types of shoes that have existed since time immemorial, cowboy boots have remained a staple among men’s footwear.

In fact, they can be said to be a timeless footwear as they keep re-emerging in history. So let’s face it, this classical footwear is here to stay.

Much like other footwear, an interesting fact about cowboy boots is that one can tell a lot based on the type of shoes a person wears. So, if you really fancy cowboy boots, care to find out exactly what they say about you as a man?

1. You are rich in culture!

Yes, by simply adorning cowboy boots, it can be presumed that you are paying homage to the practical history of this footwear.

We all know that cowboy boots aren’t the newest invention in the shoe industry. In fact, as many may or may not know, the term “cowboy boot” has its origins from way back in the 19th century when this footwear was invented to aid ranchers and horsemen in their work.

Horsemen, for instance, needed a steady and deep platform that could be tucked into the stirrups to keep them on the horse and protect their feet while riding. So the shoes were made to have the signature high shaft and a slightly high heel so as to prevent them from losing spurring ability while riding.

Over the years, shoes have evolved and now the modern man is more likely to be spotted with flat shoes with a much lower heel and shaft than with western boots.

The industrial revolution has played a significant role in this evolution. Because most men spend majority of their time in offices doing white collar jobs, the need for cowboy boots has subsided.

That said, men who wear cowboy boots are perceived to not only be rich in culture but to also have an appreciation of said culture.

So yes, the historical background of cowboy boots is a rich and fascinating one that by simply wearing them you are perceived to respect it enough to continue giving it a living history.

2. You value work

cowboy boots say a man values work

Again, the practical value of cowboy boots is very fundamental.

In essence, cowboy boots are more than just shoes meant to take you from one place to another.

There is a profound relationship between cowboy boots and work in that before becoming a fashion statement, these boots were made for the sole purpose of aiding in certain demanding tasks

By wearing them, you are seen to identify with the history of labor tied to the shoes but also to be the type of person who goes a step further to cultivate a great value for work; particularly manual labor. 

To put it simply; to the outsider’s eyes, these shoes say that you are a handy man who knows his way around tools and isn’t afraid to get dirty.  

Whether that is true or not, to the peering eye you remain to be seen as the industrious type who does not shy away from manual labor.

3. You have high levels of productivity

Cowboy boots show that you don’t just value your work but also your level of productivity.

When a person cares about their level of productivity, they tend to take all necessary measures to ensure that they are prepared for their work.

They are more likely to wear apparel that will encourage rather than impair their productivity.

Think of it this way: just like going to the farm in a three-piece suit would show a certain ignorance, unpreparedness and sadly even a sense of daftness, so does having the right gear show awareness of the task at hand.

In this regard, cowboy boots serve a practical role when working at the farm or ranch but they also depict that you have a high level of productivity all-around.

4. You have great taste and sense of style

cowboy boots say a man is stylish

Gone are the days when cowboy boots were limited to only serving a practical role for cowboys.

These shoes became popularized for their simplicity.

And while they are a simple footwear, much like any other type of gear, there’s a lot to it than what meets the naked eye. For starters, cowboy boots don’t just come together by merely stitching together cowhide leather, a zipper and a sole.

Today, there’s lots of materials, finishes, colors and intricate designs to choose from.

Although they have been able to remain a constant in the fashion industry, there has been a lot of debate among fashion gurus over whether or not these high-heeled and high-shafted shoes are truly fashionable and whether they are appropriate in all contexts.

Most contend that while they add zest to your wardrobe, one has to be very careful with what they pair their boots with as well as where they wear them to. To them, one of the most unattractive looks for men is the business suit and cowboy boot combination.

But while the appropriateness of these shoes is still up for debate, we can all agree that at the very least, cowboy boots point out a very particular sense of style.

Trust me, you’ll be surprised by how many people agree that men who wear cowboy boots have a good eye for fashion than those who disagree.

5. You are confident!

We’ve said it over and over again that cowboy boots aren’t the usual type of footwear that you’ll spot on most men’s feet today. Especially so for those who reside in urban areas.

Considering their “outdated” nature, only those with a high level of confidence can wear them with their heads held high.  

They are not the simplest type of shoes to pair with clothes. As a matter of fact, there are lots of places that cowboy boots wouldn’t fit in and many more types of clothes that they just can’t be paired with.

More often than not, the place and occasion will dictate if cowboy boots are wearable. So while many men will ask “why bother?” the truly confident ones will ask, “why not?”

With so many obstacles against these boots, wearing them shows that you are very confident in your personal sense of style.

You are bound to get long stares and criticizing whispers but it takes a high level of resilience and confidence to not waver or falter at the opinions and stares of others. Wearing cowboy boots demonstrates fearlessness, self-love and self-confidence.

Once you put on those leather boots and fasten the zipper, you are pretty much unstoppable!

6. You are shy

Shoes can give a lot of insight into your personality traits.

What is really interesting about cowboy boots is that in the same way that they show your confidence, they can also be interpreted to be a confidence booster.

Truth be told, shoes have a great effect on self-image.

Just like many women agree that high-heeled shoes have a significant effect on their level of confidence, cowboy boots have been said to have the same impact on men’s confidence. This is especially particular to the shy type.

With a high-heel that can easily make you seem a few inches taller or make you more noticeable, cowboy boots can help you bring out your confidence.

The reactions of others can change your self-image and even lift up your spirits.

People undergo a self-transformative experience with shoes. The magic is always in wearing something new and different.

So a person with a reserved personality would typically disassociate with their shy persona and turn into a newer, more confident man.

7. You are very conservative

Many connotations can be derived from the types of shoes that people wear.

And as stereotypical or prejudiced as it may sound, most people assume that cowboy boots are worn by very traditional people.

It all goes back to the historical background of cowboy boots. These footwear may point out that you still uphold traditional values just as you are loyal to “traditional’ clothing.

To others, you are more likely to conform to a way of life that assigns particular gender roles, values the realm of authority, and complies to alienation from civilization and on a lighter note, maybe even a love for country music.

Of course, the truth in that statement varies with the wearer but that is a very probable assumption from most on-lookers.

8. You value comfort

Still on that history roll, cowboy boots became popularized both in and out of the ranch for the comfort they offered to their wearers. These footwear will take you through places that dress shoes wont.

And they will do so while ensuring that you remain comfortable. In such cases, your Wellington boots say “I value comfort”.

Such men don’t take themselves too seriously. After all, shoes are primarily a utilitarian thing. A means to an end; so they don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get from one place to another.

9. You are a macho man!

cowboy boots say a man is a macho man

The same way cowboy boots demonstrate a love for manual labor, so do they evoke a feeling of masculinity.

Once they are paired with a cowboy hat, jeans and a holster, cowboy boots are symbolic of a dominant man who likes to be the decision-maker.

The characteristics that are associated with cowboy boots are far too many to delve into but in essence, they signify a rugged individualism that most men highlighted that they felt by wearing these shoes.

10. You are nurturing

A man’s relationship with their shoes can point out the type of person that they are and the level of care in them.

Depending on how well-maintained the boots are, one can conclude that you are a nurturing individual.

You have a very endearing nature in that the same way that you care for the shoes is the same way that you tend to the needs of others

Once again, this may be far from the true nature of a person but chances are that care-givers will always be care-givers.

11. You are money savvy

Let’s dive into the money aspect of it.

Cowboy boots are known for their sturdiness. In fact, a good expensive pair of boots will still hold up well even after you take them through mud, scrapes and years of abuse.

A good pair of high-quality cowboy boots are like that; quiet yet strong-willed companion that will be by your side and will age like fine wine.

As such, men who sport such shoes are seen to be very knowledgeable on money matters. They know how to make good investments and are aware of how economical and beneficial that is in the long-run.

Take it from us, a good pair of quality boots will work wonders with how people perceive you.


Many derivatives can be made based on the type of shoes that a man sports but when it comes to cowboy boots, the perceptions are very particular.

You may be seen to have a deep appreciation of the historical roots of this footwear. Others may even perceive you to be the industrious type who loves outdoorsy jobs while others may relate this to a high level of productivity in all your tasks. You may also be perceived to love comfort and have great money-handling skills.

Alternatively, cowboy boots are also a fashion statement with many people agreeing that they show fashion-forwardness as well as a great personal sense of style. On the other hand, depending on how you wear them, you may appear to be an extremely confident, alpha male or the more reserved and in need of a confidence booster.

That’s the power of these classical boots. So there you have it folks; now you know what your cowboy boots say about you.

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I agree with this article as for my personal collection, I currently own about 160 or so pairs of cowboy boots, yes insane indeed🤠.